Website development

Dynamic Website development

Updating website pages is as easy as updating Microsoft Word

  • Add new web pages
  • Update / remove existing web pages
  • Add / Update / Delete your photos and videos
  • Inbuilt SEO – highly optimized for search engines
  • Organize navigation menu items – change page titles, rearrange them or remove
  • Blog, Forum, ecommerce and many more features available to install with a click

Ongoing website updates are a costly option if your website is not configured with a powerful CMS system. Built on latest technology Jdin Soft is packed with all the necessary features and tools so that your business website can be managed internally – at no additional cost. The system is developed with non-IT users in mind to make sure it is ‘user-friendly’ for real users.

Jdin Soft CMS will allow you to manage existing pages and add new pages with few clicks. You can even change the name and orders of navigation buttons. The latest new edition includes user ability to change page layouts with 0% IT skills. These are just highlights, there are many more features integrated in Jdin Soft CMS as standard option which others call extras! Please contact us today to arrange your free, no-obligation demo meeting!

Static Website development

Our customized website development solutions are fully tailored to address your unique requirement. Each custom application is 100% hand coded to offer an efficient solution that is perfect for today and can easily expand in the future to evolve with your business.

At Jdin Soft we believe design websites that are interactive, finely tuned and visuals for all your devices. Means each of your users will have a tailored experience.

Our services are appreciated for quality, timely delivery and cost effective prices. With our services we have been successful in offering effective and best creative services, via which we ensure to maintain a long term relationship with our clients.

To use of proven technologies, our years of experience and proper development methods we can deliver your solution quickly and cost-effectively.

We believe that each website we create will lead to our next contract. That is why we pay attention to every aspect of our design. Through years of experience, we have created a development framework that ensures the highest quality product. Object-oriented programming is the cornerstone of our design process. This methodology enables us to complete projects quickly, adding value to the overall product. This also adds scalability to the website as the foundation code is robust and well planned.